Acing this LIFE thing…Summer School Progress Report.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the curriculum I would build for myself if given the chance to get a Masters in LIFE. Since then, I’ve been pursuing the items on my list as if my life depended on it and it has felt amazing. It hasn’t been an intentional pursuit which has made it that much better. My only intent was to move in the direction of things that bring me joy and it has opened up a world I had clearly been stifling.

First- I got to go kayaking. There is nothing better for me than being on the water. It brings me so much peace and it’s just a bonus that it’s also a workout. I have a lot of skills to develop so I can advance and I look forward to all of it. Add on a picnic with new fruits for me to try and I’ve checked two items off the list already.


Second- in one trip I was able to get into the mountains and go hiking, spend an amazing night camping, and make fire in a completely new way (using a fire steel)! It decided to rain the rest of the night so needless to say it was short-lived, but I don’t care a bit. It was exciting to see the fire build and listening to the rain for the evening made the whole experience pretty perfect.

Third- mountain biking, which would be more aptly named “Human Catapulting and the Superman Syndrome” as it would appear that I prefer to shoot off my bike over the handlebars or sideways and create bruises that make me look like I’ve been in a bar brawl. Body armor has been purchased, and luckily I am getting better. Regardless of my accidental acrobatics, I have an absolute blast riding and look forward to so much more. Every time I go I love it more, especially noticing myself making progress- getting better, getting stronger, taking bigger risks, and coming away with a solid sense of accomplishment. There are extremely scary moments, but it is intensely satisfying.

Lastly- my “fun” category- I still have a lot of work to do in this particular area, but I have been trying to make a point to get out for walks and read books for enjoyment.

I have kept up with my meditation practice, but lately I have noticed that I’m not as present as I should be throughout it so I am going to work on that moving forward. There are so many things still on my list but after seeing my progress over just a couple weeks, I am confident that I will continue to check things off, making the most of the days I’m given. I hope you are all working through your “classes” and feeling fantastic.

Just remember: One thing at a time, one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “Acing this LIFE thing…Summer School Progress Report.

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