Saying “yes” to life…F.A.F. part 3

In part 1, forgiveness, we worked on forgiving not just others, but more importantly ourselves.

Part 2, acceptance, had us learning to accept not just who we are, but where we are on our journey so that we can move forward.

Finally, we get to the good stuff. In part 3, we learn to have FUN!

As I come back from a girls’ trip to Chicago, I find this one particularly relevant. Just have some fun! I’ve found that as we get older we almost make ourselves feel bad for having fun. I was talking to a friend of mine about this recently and she mentioned how sometimes she-and many other people- stifle themselves, hold themselves back from having fun. It’s almost as if having fun has become synonymous with being irresponsible or immature and that we shouldn’t be allowed to do it. It seems so silly! But I know I have done it on many occasions, especially before I stopped letting people have a place in my world where they didn’t belong. This goes back to the acceptance piece- accepting myself just the way I am and not letting others define me. Sometimes in the past I realize that I kept myself from doing anything that would put me in the spotlight or in the center of attention because I didn’t want to deal with people talking about me. I’m an introvert and it would make me uncomfortable. Laughing too loud, enjoying myself too much, or just “having too much fun” made me concerned that it would bring too much attention to me. Now? I say those people can suck it. Look at me growing 😉

Real quick here, I’m going to clarify what I mean by “fun”-

I’m not talking about a weekend binge doing keg stands and shots, waking up without knowing for sure everything that happened the night before. That’s not fun. That’s escapism, not to mention unhealthy for your overall well-being.

What I’m talking about involves the things that feed your soul, that light you up from the inside and every part of your being is smiling and shining. That’s fun. If you’re anything like me, this may not include your face and that’s ok too. Half the time I look miserable because that’s really just my face (hello Resting Bitch Face), but inside I can feel every part of me glowing, and I can almost feel it radiating out of every pore. I don’t have to be laughing at all times, or wearing a perma-grin to be having fun. You know when you’re having fun and that’s what is important, but what I want you to know is that it is 100% ok to let loose and allow yourself to have fun.

Don’t know what fun looks like for you? Then you have some homework.

Find at least 5 things that light up your soul or make you feel more like yourself than anything else and write them down.

For me, it’s being out in nature- hiking, biking, kayaking, camping…even just going for a walk or a jog. Dancing around my living room, or my solo vacations at the beach. Reading a good book. Listening to music. Or just fading into the background noise of a city- being left alone.

In these moments there is no judgment, no thoughts, nothing to tear me away from what I’m doing- just the freedom to be me and bask in the awesomeness. In those moments I’ve opened myself up to the possibilities and light that life has to offer and I soak it in. For me, peace is fun. It could look completely different to you, but the only thing I care about here is that you give that gift to yourself.

Refer to that list every chance you get.

And have some fun.

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