Love in the time of corona…

As I’m watching the increasing panic/anxiety/chaos around me, I’ve become even more determined to ground myself in positivity, and not fall into what I’m calling the pit of despair (shout out to all my Princess Bride peeps. How many said it in the albino voice? Just curious).

It’s so easy to be heartbroken in these crazy times: the losses, the way that people are treating each other right now, the isolation that’s taking place, and the ever-growing gap in true connection. However, if we should choose to, it could be just as easy to see the light, and the new opportunities to learn and grow.

What I’m learning? How to work from home and create boundaries for the first time, and what work/life balance really looks like in that realm. I’m learning how truly magical laughter is, and how it can instantly brighten my day- so I seek it out. I’m learning about my priorities as an educator, and how I can continue to be there for my students and be someone they can count on from a distance. I’m allowing myself the space to determine what my priorities are in my daily life. Do the things I’ve been putting my energy into really count toward the quality of my days? Or can I divert that energy into other areas and get more bang for my buck? There are so many avenues for growth and learning during this time if we just look for them and take advantage.

Maybe instead of focusing on all the things we can’t control, we put our energy into the things we can: our mental health, our physical well-being, our emotional stability. Get rest. Stay hydrated. Eat well. Get some exercise now that damn near everyone has the time we always claimed we didn’t have. Make room for self-care and connection in whatever form is possible under the circumstances. Most importantly, live in a head space of love, positivity, faith, and compassion.

Ain’t nobody got time for panic and insanity.

That’s never helped anyone.

Just breathe, beauties.

Smile. Laugh. Love. And breathe.

Be well…

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