Girls, Girls, Girls…SMDH

There is something that has always baffled me so I’m hoping someone can enlighten me. Since the dawn of time, women have just been awful to each other. What is that about? Women are the only ones who truly know what it is like to be a woman: the emotional roller coaster, the physical pain, the obstacles we face as a gender, and those we have overcome, so why on earth do you feel the need to be a royal bitch to each other?

Let’s talk about some different scenarios shall we?

Scenario 1: Your man cheats on you- who do you get mad at? The girl! What?! I want you to really think about some things. First- who was in the relationship with you? That’s right, the guy. He is the one who had an obligation to you and that relationship. HE is the one who was responsible for being faithful and respecting you and your feelings. Chances are she didn’t even know you existed so how is this her fault? So now you’re heart broken, trying to make it work with some piece of shit man, allowing yourself to be treated as less because you are mad at the wrong person. I would bet that not only are you mad at her, but you are mad at yourself as if you are in some way to blame for it. What I am still not seeing is your anger at him. What in the actual f@#k? And yes men, I do realize men are not the only ones who cheat, but this post isn’t for you right now.

And this brings me to a second point- if you are a woman who knows a man is in a relationship, walk away. You know how horrible it feels to be cheated on, why would you do that to someone else? And do not for one minute believe that you are special in this situation. If he thinks that much of you, he will wait until he is single and pursue you as he should. If he is not single, you are the other woman and there is no other way around that. You have also allowed yourself to be treated as less, not getting the respect you deserve, and that needs to stop. No man is so special that you can’t wait until he is single and giving all of his attention only to you. Not to mention, if he is willing to cheat on her- chances are he will be more than willing to cheat on you. If he was truly a good man- he’d be single before trying to be with you. Period. No exceptions. I can hear you saying “But…” No. Just no.

Scenario 2: You see a woman out who is getting a lot of attention from men, some (or most, maybe even all) she may not even be asking for, what do you do? Naturally, you sit with your friends and talk shit about her for absolutely no reason. Because why wouldn’t you? Jealous much? Couldn’t be anything else because you don’t know her at all, even if you think you do. I don’t care what she’s wearing or what she’s doing. It is none of your business and not your place at all to bad mouth her. You don’t know her story. Every single woman on the planet knows how awful it feels to have people talk shit about her. Why do you continue this?

Women should be doing nothing but building each other up and yet they use every excuse to tear each other down. 9 times out of 10 it’s pure jealousy. Stop it. Be better than that. What all of this boils down to (whether you want to admit it or not) is insecurity. Think highly enough of yourself that you don’t see a reason to be horrible to another human being. If you find that you spend your time talking badly about others, then you have a lot of work to do on yourself. The self-respect isn’t there, the self-love isn’t there, and without those you will never be all that you are capable of being. Give each other the benefit of the doubt. Raise each other up. Be awesome to each other and not only to the girls who have broken through the bullshit and ended up in your life by default, but to all of them simply because they exist, they are human, and they are women who know what it means to be a woman.

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